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Pneumatic & Mechanical Conveying



ConTran™ technology is an evolution of continuous dense phase conveying of dry bulk materials. This technology is based on maintaining the material-to-air flow ratio at a pre-selected (material dependent) constant, thus creating and sustaining dense phase, low velocity, gentle action ‘wave-form’ flow.

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A cyclone is a device designed to separate material from the air stream. It consists of a conical bottom section with a cylindrical top with a tangential inlet and an internal thimble for air release. The HT Series of cyclones are widely used in pneumatic conveying systems where there is high material to air ratio. The HE Series is primarily utilized in dust collection systems where the dust loading is very light.

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Diverter valvediverters

There are several styles of diverter valves to choose from, depending on your application. Inline diverter valves are used in a dilute phase or dense phase conveying system to redirect the material flow in the conveying line. Gravity diverter valves are used to redirect material flow in a gravity stream where there is no pressure differential between the inlet or the discharge leg(s) of the valve.

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Inline Diverter Valvesdiverters_inline

These valves come in varying configurations and can be utilized to divert (one line to multiple lines) or converge (multiple lines to a single line) the flow of material in a pneumatic conveying line.

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Pneumatic Conveying

Conveying a product through a pipeline at a velocity sufficient to enable conveying velocity with a PD Blower. This dilute phase conveying typical ranges from 3200 to 7000 feet per minute velocity inside the pipeline. These systems run from 4-12 PSG (on a pressure system)  or 5-12”Hg on a vacuum system.

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