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Dust Collectors & Scrubbers

Pulse Jet Dust Collectorstubejet_Dust_Collector

Jet dust collectors offer on-line cleaning with a steady pressure drop.exceptionally easy to install and maintain. We offer a full range of baghouse designs and media choices to solve the toughest pollution control problems involving high temperatures, pressures and corrosives.

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Horizontal Dust CollectorHorz. cart pic

The Horizontal Dust Collector maximizes energy release provides more uniform dust release. Cleans all of the cartridge, including the hard-to-clean cartridge dust collector tops which are not cleaned by conventional pulse systems. Plus, the PleatJet II is loaded with standard features that you would pay extra for with other dust collectors.

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Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector

The vertical cartridge collector from Sly includes a two stage inlet to reduce dust velocity. Additionally this unit has vertical cartridges which enable easier cleaning than a horizontal unit.

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Pactecon Envelope Pulse Jet Dust Collectorpactecon2

Envelope bag designs still offer advantages for dust collection: with 22 sq. ft. of cloth per bag, they offer twice the collection area of tubular bags. Energy consumption is less because envelope bags require less energy to clean than tubular bags. Plus the bags are changed from the clean area on the side of the unit. This enables a low headroom dust collector and no confined entry to change the bags.

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Eductor Wet ScrubberEductor Wet Scrubber

Eductor Scrubbers are designed to remove soluble gases and particulate by inducing a gas flow using high pressure liquid focused into a Venturi throat. Additionally, Eductor Scrubbers can be used for direct-contact condensation.

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Impinjet Scrubberimpinjet

Sly Impingement Wet Gas Scrubbers collect particulates, and absorb vapors and gases. High collection efficiencies (98+% @5 microns) are achieved with low water consumption and minimum pressure drop. This is the most efficient low energy scrubber available. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM. Water requirements are typically 3 GPM per 1000 ACFM. Unique flexibility is furnished by Impinjet Scrubbers. Made with the future in mind, additional stages can be added to existing installations to improve efficiency to handle tomorrow’s requirements,without increasing liquid consumption. There is no need to buy complete new units.

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Venturi Scrubberventuri

The Sly Venturi scrubber efficiently collects fine particulate and mists. Scrubbing liquid is atomized into fine droplets which entrap particles. Adjustable throats for performance optimization are standard. Capacities to 100,000+ CFM. The Venturi Scrubber uses the differential between high velocity gases and free-flowing water to create droplets which entrap contaminants, hold them in suspension and deliver them as a highly concentrated slurry. The Sly Venturi Scrubber offers more advantages in separating and recovering liquid mists and ultra-fine particulate than other gas cleaning methods. The Sly Venturi Scrubber serves industry in several ways. It removes pollutants present in process gas streams. This includes removing hazardous and nuisance dusts, fumes and mists from stack gases.

Cleaning process gas streams to remove oils, dusts and other particulate, this scrubber offers industry an opportunity to recycle these gases as fuels or process raw materials. Finally, the Sly Venturi Scrubber makes it possible to reclaim valuable materials which can result in significant process savings.

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