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Brabender DDSR-40 Twin Screw Feeder



The Brabender DDSR40 twin screw feeder is capable of reliably and accurately meter- ing difficult flowing powders at medium feed rates, particularly poor flowing or floodable ingredients.

The feeder has the following main com- ponents: a stainless steel screw trough,
a horizontal stirring agitator in the screw trough, a 3 phase AC motor for the agitator, a twin feed screw, a screw tube, a 3 phase AC gear motor driving the twin screw, and an extension hopper for ingredient storage. Extension hoppers are available with

35 dm3 (1.2 ft3), 60 dm3 (2.1 ft3) or
110 dm3 (3.9 ft3) volume.
These components work together to pro- vide mass flow of ingredient and consis- tent screw filling since the stirring agitator mixes the ingredient, prevents bridging and promotes ingredient flow into the screw.

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