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Loss-In-Weight Feedersloss-in-weight-feeder

Brabender loss-in-weight feeders are ideal for precise measuring of most types of bulk ingredients.  Models ranging from small laboratory feeders to large feeders, cover feed rates from a few grams per hour to 50 tons/hr.  Feed devices such as twin screws, single screws, vibrating trays, rotary tubes and more are available to meet specific ingredient and feed rate requirements.  Flexible polyurethane hoppers with massage paddles from the renowned Brabender FlexWall® Plus feeders ensure pure MassFlow without any bridging.  Stirring agitators are also offered as a great alternative.  Most of our loss-in-weight models are available as volumetric feeders without weighing systems.

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Volumetric Feedersvolumetric-feeder

The volumetric feeder is a simple, economical feeding solution for applications that do not require a high degree of feed rate accuracy. Volumetric feeders are also frequently employed in gain-in-weight batch operations.

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Liquid Loss In Weight Feeders

The liquid loss-in-weight feeding system is the most accurate and reliable solution for a wide variety of liquids and many different viscosities and temperatures. We offer the Brabender liquid loss-in-weight feeder that can use either a tank with a scale or a Coriolis Flow Meter to measure the flow.

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Weigh Belt Feedersweigh-belt-feeder

Brabender weigh belt feeders cover feed rates of up to 150 tons/hr.  It’s simple and compact design along with available options allows easy integration into any process.  Brabender weigh belt feeders are available in a stainless steel construction and a sanitary design for the most stringent applications.

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Brabender Feed ControlsBrabender feed controls

Brabender controls offer maximum flexibility in feeder selection and system configuration. Controls are mounted on a single feeder for an intelligent stand-alone unit.  It can also be supplied in a separate control panel for a superior multiple feeder configuration.  Control modules in field bus interconnection enable direct communication with most host/PLC systems through one of a broad variety of optional interfaces, or with one of the Brabender touch screen operator interfaces.  Connection requires only one single cable.

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Brabender Jet Filtersjetfilter

Brabender Jet Filters are low maintenance air filtering systems featuring fully automatic self-cleaning by compressed air pulses.  They are used as a feeder extension to separate dust from air displacement during refilling. The filtered particles are then fed back into the production process which contributes greatly in waste reduction of raw materials.

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