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Industrial Mixers

Industrial Batch mixers

Industrial Batch mixers insure accurate mixing of all kinds of products from fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients. Our Industrial Mixers are built to meet your needs. With many customizable features and a verity of options available.

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TSM Batch MixerTSM Batch Mixer

The TSM Batch Mixer offers counter rotating ribbon/paddle agitators that produce a homogenous mixing of various materials in a balanced action throughout the mixer. The combination of paddles and ribbon flighting mounted on the twin agitator design offers unsurpassed mixing efficiency for a wide variety of products.

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Plow MixerPlow_mixer

Plow Mixer’s insightful design incorporates high intensity wedge-shaped plows to deliver a fluidized mixing zone. The slurry mixer shaft operates at higher speeds than a traditional batch mixer and when incorporated with the cylindrical vessel design, delivers excellent mixing results

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